Again, I’m working the long hours so I had to come up with something that I could do around the office.  This one is inspired by the idea behind Found Magazine, where people submit little random notes that they’ve found.  A lot of times you read them and they make you think.  So, I decided to scour my office in search of some of these more thought-provoking notes.  For most of the notes I’ll to leave the interpretation up to you.


Although, the one three pictures up with the blue post-it on it particularly makes me laugh because it’s one that I wrote.  I worked on the Jonas Bros 3D movie and it brings back some memories.  I can remember smoke breaks with discussions of whether we were going to add the Taylor break-up or point out the rift between Nick and Kevin.  We had to write voice over for these guys and we’d be like Kevin should say something like “Everyday’s like a dream come true!” and then Joe could come in and say “Totally! We were definitely super excited to get the tour underway”. 
We just knew way too much about these guys at the time and it made for a lot of laughs.  If you like, you can see that particular post-it breakdown in action in this piece that I cut.  Sadly, it’s probably the most viewed thing I’ve ever done.


The photo on the bottom of the dry erase board is my favorite.  We initially bought the board to keep our projects organized and this is what it looks like today.


A couple more…


My co-worker Gage had written this diagram illustrating the distinction between conservative and liberal ideas behind the distribution of wealth.


My co-worker John is a linguistics hobbyist and has a far-reaching knowledge of all things language.  And this scribbled piece of notepaper was his quickie flowchart of the history of the origin of many of the major languages that exist today.  (note:  the IE stands for Indo-european)


All the best!

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