Tonight was that monumental moment for Jenny, my wife, when for todays creative project, I asked her to teach me how to knit.  
Needless to say, if it weren’t for this blog the moment may have never come, but here I am tonight, knitting away.  All I can say is…DAMN, that stuff ain’t easy!  First thing we did is what Jenny called frogging, which basically means taking our newly bought yarn and rolling it into a ball (She informed me that this isn’t the correct terminology but uses it anyways).  So sounds simple, right?  Not so much.  In the time it took me to roll one ball Jenny had finished three.  Then, she taught me how to cast on and that felt like an epic achievement in itself.  Finally, she showed me how to knit and that became a little easier in the sense that you have to repeat the short movement many many times and it eventually sinks in.  Unfortunately, I was a little clumsy with the needles and many of the stitches would fall off and I was left lost again.  
I accomplished what you see above but ultimately I had to trash it because I messed up a few too many times on the ends of the rows.  Oh well.  I will surely get it one day.  
Thanks, Jenny.

5 Replies to “Day 022 / That Monumental Moment

  1. Andrea

    Most knitters use “frogging” to mean ripping out stitches you’ve already made. Because what do you do? “ripit. ripit.”

  2. Tricia

    I urge you to continue with your knitting! Like any learned skill, with practice you will get better, and it’s a wonderful meditative hobby to keep your hands busy and your mind serene…. try making dishclothes (with cotton yarn). They’re small and rewarding.

  3. The B-Roll

    Yes, I need to take a reminder course with Jenny again because I was interested in continuing the scarf. I had some cool colors picked out and I had planned on switching them out every so often. Now that the blog is done I may have more time for the relaxing long term project.

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