Today I went to work on the set and left around 7pm.  Unfortunately, I’m unable to show you anything from what I’m working on out here because it’s sensitive and I’d get in trouble if I posted anything from it.   Nevertheless, sometimes what I’m doing on the set is half as interesting as what’s really out there.
So, after dinner I decided I’d head down into the london underground for some photography and field recordings.  I have always loved the sound of subways.  When I finally boarded the train I came across Zoom-Lee, a true rastafari from Bermuda.   He hails from a particular area of Bermuda called the Warwick parish and calls himself a Sitaheelian, which means he was born in that area and raised to remain the same for life.  In other words, never to change and become a person that you are not but to remain true to who you are and always have been and to always improve.   He travels a lot and as he goes from place to place he makes money by both drumming on the street and finding local jobs as an auto mechanic.   He says that his whole thing in life is to feel fine and be happy and speak to people through his music.
All the best Zoom-Lee.  Thanks!

5 Replies to “Day 018 / Zoom-Lee

  1. wendy

    Gotta love this guy. When I was in London I would go wander around the section of town with all the rastas and it was awesome. Just like being in the Caribbean but with crappy English weather.

  2. The B-Roll

    Haha! I had a feeling you might like this one Wendy:) It was definitely a good experience just giving in and allowing myself to follow him. It made for an interesting night. Thanks for checking me out!

  3. stephanie

    LOVE the photos Charlie! esp the one on the bridge (and the textures of London too – what a brilliant idea!) Zoom-Lee is great too!!

  4. stephanie

    LOVE the photos Charlie! esp the one on the bridge, it’s fantastic (and the textures of London – what a brilliant idea!!) Zoom-Lee is great too

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