I’m traveling to London this week for work and it just so happened that by chance I got to travel business class.  Well, what a different experience it was.   I arrived at the airport with my co-worker Ted and we went directly into the business class lounge where they handed us two free drink vouchers.   It was very posh inside and I felt a little out of place ogling at everything around me.   Everyone else that was there seemed very cool and attractive.   I began to wonder if everyone there had seen “Up In The Air” and then a part of me deep inside said “I’m sure they have and they all love it.”  
I entered the plane through a separate door and was quickly offered champagne.   It felt a little like that old SNL sketch where Eddie Murphy disguises himself as a white guy and after the last black guy gets off the bus it turns into a lounge bar complete with cigarette girl.  There was a newspaper cart, the stewardesses were more attractive than in coach and there was an extra foot of space beyond my full stretch.   So it was a rather eye-opening experience to say the least.  
On another note, I’d been so busy today preparing to leave that I forgot that I’d lose half a day traveling.   So I had to quickly come up with something creative to do on the plane.  I, at the last minute, decided to draw on my provided menu as I didn’t have any blank paper.   I also took out the safety card from the seat in front of me and tried drawing some of the images from that as well.   I only had this one pen unfortunately and I had some trouble using it because I tend to be more of a sketcher when I draw and when you’re working with permanent ink it’s best to think about every line before you actually draw it.  Anyways, here are some of the drawings I made.  Not the greatest posting but under the circumstances I did what I had to do.

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  1. The B-Roll

    Thanks mom. Yeah that’s from the safety card. It’s actually people exiting the plane onto the inflatable slide for the water landing, they just have people lying down at the bottom of it. And really, THAT’s the one you like? It’s sooo badly drawn!

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