Well, tonight I had to stay pretty late at work.  Luckily some of that time was spent rendering some after effects graphics, so I decided to revisit an old project from about a year ago in Blender 3D.   If you’re a fan of open source software Blender is the end all of open source software in my opinion.  You can do things with Blender that you’d have to pay thousands of dollars for in other 3D programs.  The only quirk with Blender is that it’s not a very intuitive user interface.  That being said, once you learn the unconventional methods of navigation you realize it may be a pretty good design.  Unfortunately, you need to review it regularly because if you spend a little time away from the software (like me) then the keyboard shortcuts and secret menus leave your memory rather quickly.   I re-watched a couple of the Blender Underground beginner tutorials which, if you’re interested in starting out with this software, I completely recommend.  
This project is something I started modeling a good while ago.   Tonight, I decided to review the tutorials and then I did a little more modeling work on him.  I focused mainly on the body and hands.   I made fingernails.  I still have to connect the neck to the body.  This is a character that I’d like to take through the complete rigging and texturing process as well, so that one day I can have him star in his own little cartoon.