So this should be interesting.  Right now you should be hearing three stereo contact mic recordings playing back simultaneously.  Hmm, how’s it sound?  I bought a couple contact mics over the internet recently and tonight was the first time I was able to test them out.  I used two contact mics for each recording.  One as the left speaker and one as the right.
The first thing I thought of to record was of course my refrigerator. Sometimes it makes the strangest sounds- (I was actually a little disappointed with it’s performance tonight, usually its much more strange sounding).  The second thing I recorded was my creaky wood flooring.  I taped each of them down and creeped around them in my socks.   That sounded pretty good but I kept getting some kind of electrical interference.   Lastly, I recorded these wonderful 1950’s metal outdoor chairs which I think have to be the most resonant thing my wife and I own.  I tried all sorts of things but mostly I brushed my finger across the surface.  That was my favorite recording of the three.
Feel free to turn off a couple of the sounds to hear them separately.  Try out some headphones, they might sound better.

7 Replies to “Day 011 / Contact Mic Madness

  1. Daniel Johns

    The sound of the fridge reminds me of the last time i was in the bay area and riding on the BART. I really enjoyed the ambient monstrous howling from the back of the train car. i hoped to one day record it and layer its sound into a song. or something. This blog is an inspiration to go back to old ideas like that.

  2. The B-Roll

    Sorry for taking so long to reply. That’s my audio interface. It allows me to plug multiple audio signals into my computer for recording. The one you see there is called the Ultralite by a company called MOTU.

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