Yesterday was a tough day and today was the same.  I don’t feel comfortable going into too much detail out of respect for the people involved but as I mentioned in yesterdays post, a person who is very special to many of us at my office passed suddenly in an accident.  The atmosphere at the office is quiet for the most part. Everyone is still learning how to cope with the change.
Yesterday, I felt out of place doing something random and creative under the circumstances.   But in retrospect, I did make it a goal to make it through a whole year of this.  So today I decided to go ahead and do something.  Today’s creative thing comes directly from my memories of bedtime as a kid.   Many nights I have spent scanning the acoustic popcorn ceiling of my childhood bedroom for hidden faces.  The flooring at my work is in a way quite similar.  It’s made of polished concrete and it’s full of unique patches, blemishes and pockmarks.  These photo’s are just a collection of some of my favorite faces that I found today.
It actually makes me think that it might be a great way to design new characters for future drawings.

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