I think this is becoming my favorite project so far.  The reason being, I would have never done something like this if it hadn’t been for this blog concept.  Jenny, my wife, even joined in and made a little clay cactus in a pot.
This time I took the Orctopus and started fresh on his tentacles.  Now his positioning has a little more drama to it and his skirt is a little more rendered. I’m really looking forward to getting to the stage where I add most of the detail. There’s something very satisfying and almost therapeutic to working with clay.
Tonight working on this project I felt a little closer perhaps to the thing that drives me to do this blog.   Seeing something as random as this form into something more is a unique satisfaction.  Jenny looking over at me and chuckling at what I’m doing makes me happy to no end.   She’s used to seeing me on my laptop, not really working on my half-killer whale half octopus creature.  It makes me excited to see what I end up working on over this next year.

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  1. Lisa

    I like that this will give you a chance to be creative together as well! Can’t wait to see what June does too!!!

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