I love figuring out good uses for old unused CD’s.  (Check out my zoetrope for another good use for old CD’s)  This is my concertina.  And actually I usually call it June’s concertina because she’s the one that I most enjoy playing it for.   Her face lights up when she hears it.
Anyways, the one problem with the concertina was that the buttons could be pressed so deep that sometimes they would just get stuck inside. (See pics above).   So, I realized they needed some kind of stopper in there that would let you press the buttons down far enough to let air to flow through but not so far that the buttons could be pressed down inside of it.
So the solution?   I scissored up a few old DVD-R’s and taped it under the buttons.  Easy!   Now I can feel free to play any notes I like with the kind of force I feel most comfortable using.

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