Day 028 / Operation Art Gardens

Today Jenny and I helped our friends Jeff and Wendy with a large cactus and succulent sale that they have been organizing for the past four months called “Operation Art Gardens” They’re both teachers and they put this sale together as a fundraiser for new equipment for Jeff’s video production class, which he teaches at […]


Day 025 / MCRP V4

What a night!  I told my wife that I was going to close myself off for the evening and finish my song for the latest MCRP, Version 4.   A brief description:  MCRP stands for Monome Community Remix Project and it works like this.  A group of monome users each uploads a sample into a […]


Day 020 / Sample Manipulation

Today I flew back from England and happily got to see Jenny and June.  It was nice to see the two ladies in my life again.  Today’s creative thing is about sample manipulation.   This evening I worked on my song for the MCRP.  I’ve been involved in something called MCRP (Monome Community Remix Project) […]


Day 018 / Zoom-Lee

Today I went to work on the set and left around 7pm.  Unfortunately, I’m unable to show you anything from what I’m working on out here because it’s sensitive and I’d get in trouble if I posted anything from it.   Nevertheless, sometimes what I’m doing on the set is half as interesting as what’s […]


Day 014 / The Tulip Man

So today was a beautiful day.   The first day of spring, ironically.  I took June for a walk and decided to hit my neighbor up for an interview.  He’s known as “The Tulip Man”.  I’d noticed the crowds that gathered in front of his house last year and it was all very intriguing at […]


Day 012 / Modular Patch #002 – Volta!

Volta is a pretty great invention in the world of modular synths.  While it turns the visceral experience of patching something from raw analog voltages into a slower more logistical experience, it makes the composing of music with the modular a much easier task.   Plus there’s nothing better than being able to bring that […]


Day 011 / Contact Mic Madness

So this should be interesting.  Right now you should be hearing three stereo contact mic recordings playing back simultaneously.  Hmm, how’s it sound?  I bought a couple contact mics over the internet recently and tonight was the first time I was able to test them out.  I used two contact mics for each recording.  One […]


Day 007 / 30 Second Exposures of My Town

What a busy Saturday!   I had to work this morning until about 1pm then this evening my wife and I celebrated my old high school drama teachers retirement.   It was very much a reunion for me.    I got to see a lot of friends that I haven’t seen since my high school […]

Day 004 / Modular Patch #001

Day 003 / This Is Justin

Today I flew up to San Francisco for work.   I spent the whole day shooting at the Walt Disney Family Museum.  It was an epic day and my body is destroyed from it.  Anyways, I used to go to school out here and I decided to meet up with some old college friends.  Enter […]