Day 332 / Underwater Recording

February 1st, 2011 Another late call time and another late wrap.  I left set almost at midnight.  Halfway through the day there was a little scare. My co-worker Todd sent me an email telling me that one of our clients at Disney wanted me to cut a promo for the Walt Disney Company and it had to […]


Day 327 / Last Ditch Effort

January 27th, 2011 My iphone woke me up at my office at 5am and I slowly made my way into my edit bay.  I finished my edit as quickly as possible.  By 8am I relayed the cut over to the client and went back to sleep on the sofa.  At 9am, I received some notes on […]


Day 323 / Monolero

January 23rd, 2011 Sunday on set was pretty slow.  Almost arduously slow but at least it wasn’t a late night. I went home determined to finish my track. Tonight was better than last night.  It was good to step away and come back to the song.  I didn’t hate it as much this time.  The tempo is very […]


Day 318 / Sunrise Over Hollywood

January 18th, 2011 I got home from work around 6am and fell asleep until 2pm.  I spent whatever time I had before I had to go off to set again with Jenny and June.  It was another overnight shoot on a blocked off street in Hollywood.  It was a busy night for me too.  I kept […]


Day 316 / Mash

January 16th, 2011 I got to stay home today!  It was nice.  I picked up Jenny from the airport in the morning and we had a wonderful day playing and napping together. I decided to invite some friends over for an evening in the studio.  It’s been awhile since the last time.  Tonight my focus was to […]


Day 309 / Incidental Beat

January 9th, 2011 Up early again to make it to set on time.  We’re filming at Universal Studios now and it’s funny to see the tours pass by.  People riding the tram snap pictures of me as if I might be somebody of importance.  It was another crazy day of running around on set. At the end […]


Day 302 / Grainslide

January 2nd, 2011     My last day before the end of my christmas break.  It was nice to be home but tomorrow it’s back to work and January is looking like it’s going to be a crazy month.     This evening I decided to continue working with the samples from the latest MCRP. […]


Day 298 / Monome’n Again

December 29th, 2010     Today was rainy all day.  We stayed in for most of it except at one point June and I put on some rain gear and played in the rain.  We sent leaves down the gutters together.  It was pretty awesome.     I spent the rest of the day hanging […]


Day 295 / Beautiful Samples

I actually had quite a bit of free time today and my plan was to work on some of my longer term projects like the telescope conversion but instead I looked at my garage and decided to devote most of the day to cleaning it out.  I could have gone to my parents garage, which […]


Day 292 / Close Encounters Of The Fugue Kind

Today was Jenny’s birthday.  It was a beautiful day.  I took the day off from work and the rain had subsided.  We went out for a leisurely breakfast and then dropped off June and caught the film “True Grit”.   What a great film!  And it’s been so long since I’ve been to the theater.  […]


Day 275 / Robo King Cole

On the monome forums, there is a user by the name of PirxthePilot, otherwise known as Modulogeek (check out his music, it’s some of my favorite stuff out of the monome community).     He started a thread proposing the idea of remixing christmas songs for a monome christmas compilation.  A bunch of people have […]


Day 272 / Modular Beat-Making

This friday was another pretty mellow day on the set.     Afterwards, at home I was feeling a little un-creative.  Once Jenny was off to bed I didn’t have much of a spark to be adventurous.  Even a patch on the modular felt a little too complex for me.     Fortunately, I devised […]


Day 268 / A Quickie Patch

This is monday but feels more like wednesday due to the film shoot.  I got off set around 7pm and hit wonderful hour and a half long traffic home.     Funny thing about this creative thing was that I spent most of the night putting together the video for Day 266 / Runners & […]


Day 236 / Taking Refuge In The Modular

Last night was one of those nights.  Jenny and I watched the season finale to Project Runway and afterwards had a long discussion that turned for the worst and ended with both of us feeling a little hurt.  Nevertheless, Jenny and I have a rule to never allow each other go to bed upset and […]


Day 230 / MCRP V8

Last night was awesome.  I left work at 7pm to hit the usual friday night 2-hour traffic.  As the clock ticked by, I kept thinking about the lost time.  This evening was the deadline for submitting your final song for the Monome Community Remix Project.     Not only was I going home tonight with […]


Day 228 / Press Cafe

Last night I continued working on my song for the Monome Community Remix Project.  I was feeling pretty frustrated for most of the night because I was still just sifting through my material and pulling loops from it.     At a certain point I had to just give up and start arranging the song […]


Day 224 / Deeper Into My Remix

The weekend weather has been overcast and gloomy.  Saturday consisted of watching June until the early afternoon.  Jenny took over around two so that I could go and work on my Harmonograph table before dinner.  It was going to be my creative thing for the day except it turned out to be more like multiple […]


Day 221 / Re-Arranging Notes

What a day!  It has been very busy lately.  I had to wait until the end of the work day to post. I almost missed this one as well.  Last night Jenny came home from her pottery class and went straight to bed.  I went in to tuck her in and fell asleep until around […]


Day 213 / Testing An Unreleased App

If you read yesterdays post you’d know that I didn’t have much time to come up with something to do for my creative project last night.  As the clock ticks by many options go out the door because of their complexity and amount of effort involved.  This evenings creative thing was virtually effortless, thankfully. I received […]


Day 199 / The Patch Is The Goal

Well, unfortunately I’m as sick as a dog.  This cough has been really hanging on.  I took the day off today and I really feel like crap.  It took quite a mental pep talk to get me out of bed to post this creative thing.     Last night I pretty much took it easy […]


Day 189 / Contact Mic Fiasco

Sorry to be posting this one so late.  I still have yet to do my creative thing for today but I’m at work and it looks like it’s going to be a long one tonight.  On the plus side, the piece I’m working on at the moment is going to be playing on the big […]


Day 188 / Making Old Jams New Again

Last night I thought maybe Jeff and Chris might come over for a jam session.  Unfortunately, they both had things to do in the morning so it wasn’t in the cards.     I decided to keep with the mood and opened up an old jam that we did a long time ago.  Jeff’s banjo […]


Day 172 / Niobid Pt. 1

Even some of our closest friends have no idea how musically talented my wife Jenny is.  When I first met her she was studying to be an opera singer.  She went to the Conservatory of Music in San Francisco and studied voice there for a couple of years.  Nowadays, if you ask her to sing […]


Day 168 / A Rather Abrasive Patch

Ok, so I have to admit that I did most of my work on this song on Sunday rather than Saturday.  On saturday night I was working more on Processing and learning how to do some more advanced concepts and I realized that I was not going to have anything to show for on the […]


Day 161 / Peruvian Jam

Sorry for posting this one late.  Jeff came over for a usual Saturday night jam and we recorded until about 1am.  I couldn’t get around to sifting the material and performing the clips until sometime on Sunday.  Sunday I was busy doing family stuff until about 7 or 8 in the evening.  Never the less […]