Drawing 001 – Root Study

1st drawing of the year.  As I was drawing this I thought to myself maybe I chose a reference image that was a little too ambitious.  There was a lot of detail in the picture that just didn’t make it into the drawing.  The reference image is one of many Bonsai Tree pictures I got […]


Drawing 002 – Kiss

For some reason I thought this image would be easier then yesterdays.  I spent a fair amount of time this evening erasing and adjusting the proportions.  I think the human form is so familiar to us that it’s easier to spot flaws in the proportions.  I don’t think I ever got there but hey, on […]


Drawing 004 – Action Poses

I bought a book today, “How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way”.  I was turned onto it after watching some segments from the video version of this same book on youtube.  I’m so glad I got it.  It’s a great drawing book!  It reminded me of the drawing books I used to have as a […]


Drawing 006 – Axe Swing

Tonight I practiced more body shapes based on the technique I learned from the Marvel-Way book.  I had a lot of trouble with the legs and the foreshortening that’s happening there.  No matter how much I erased and adjusted my lumberjack still looked a little off-kilter and squat.  Also, I need to practice shading fabric. […]


Drawing 007 – Giant Robot

I doodled a bunch of stick figures today at work.  I was practicing various body positions and I was aiming for extreme camera angles.  I wanted to draw something where I was either hovering overhead looking down on a character or down on the ground looking drastically up at a character.  That’s when I realized […]


Drawing 008 – Watercolor Experiment

This evening I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but I knew I didn’t want to do anything too complex.  As I was putting my daughter to bed I thought of a friend of mine, Jonathan St. Amant.  He is a teacher and an artist and he is really quite skilled.  His creativity […]


Drawing 009 – Female Figure

I didn’t get started until it was a bit late tonight and it took me quite a while to even get to this point.  As my wife Jenny was going off to bed she did a couple of kung fu kick poses for me and I roughly drew it out.  Ultimately, I had a lot […]


Drawing 010 – Female Figure

I think I’m going to focus on figure drawing for a while, at least until I need a break from it.  I found a few good Tumblr blogs out there which have a plethora of reference photos to choose from.  I downloaded a bunch and this is the first of many that I will attempt. […]


Drawing 011 – Male Figure

Another figure drawing.  I felt like I was a bit more in charge of the shading tonight.  The face came out a bit wonky but the shading is looking a little better than yesterdays drawing.


Drawing 012 – Female Sitting

This one was a struggle but I think in the end I’m pretty happy with it.  The darkening of the background actually improved it quite a bit.  Initially, I had a lot of trouble with her proportions.  I erased and adjusted multiple times until I sort of found a balance.  The shadows were so subtle […]


Drawing 013 – Dude On Toilet

I drew this one kind of quick and rough because I had other things to take care of tonight and I’m traveling tomorrow but I think it came out all right.  It’s funny.  When I post these pictures I think the drawings are generally OK-looking but then when I see them as thumbnails they always […]


Drawing 014 – Beaver, Parasaurolophus and Kingfisher

Tonight I wasn’t feeling the figure drawing bug so much so I decided to go back to my old sketchbook days and do some cartoon characters.  I felt like doing some animals.  I tried to challenge myself, though, by not drawing animals that I’m used to drawing. I used a random animal generator that I […]


Drawing 015 – Waring Hudsucker

Ok, in 15 days I have improved like I never expected I would!  This drawing may be the best one I’ve done ever.  Like ever.  I was even feeling kind of uninspired and  having trouble figuring out exactly what I wanted to draw.  I searched through my folder of photo references and didn’t find anything […]


Drawing 016 – Watercolor Cat

After the positive results from yesterdays drawing, tonight I wanted to keep it simple.  I decided to practice using ink and watercolor to outline and color in a rough drawing.  I need to pick up some new brushes.  most of mine are pretty beat up.  Also I need to practice this process more often.  I’m […]


Drawing 018 – Toy Elephant

This evening I drew a toy elephant that we got a long time ago for our daughter June.  He’s become more of a decoration than anything she actually plays with.  It was a good challenge trying to draw something physically in front of me rather than something from a photo reference.  The angles are a […]


Drawing 019 – Little Cactus

I drew this one pretty fast.  I didn’t have much time.  This evening I had friends over for a backyard movie night.  We watched Samsara, which was ridiculous in every sense of the word.  By the time everyone left it was getting close to 1am and I still needed to draw something.  I would’ve liked […]


Drawing 020 – The Tollund Man

Last night we watched the film “Samsara” in my backyard and all day today the thought of it stuck with me.  This guy in the drawing above is the “Tollund Man”.  He is one of the most well-preserved corpses of prehistoric man that we are able to see today.  You get to see all of […]


Drawing 021 – A Rough Tree

I got a late start on my drawing this evening.  I decided to attempt a quick tree drawing.  I always shy away from adding leaves to a tree because I don’t quite have the techniques down.  Tonight, I attempted to go there.  In the future, I really need to spend more time drawing many trees […]


Drawing 022 – Types Of Leaves

Tonight I continued with what I worked on last night by attempting to draw multiple trees with different types of leaves.  I’m trying to experiment with different pencil techniques for defining the light and dark of the leaves.  Not as easy as it looks.


Drawing 023 – Prepping A Junie Drawing

This is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter Junie.  It was taken when she was about 2 years old and she was visiting my dad’s office.  I just love her expression and the way she’s concentrating so hard on the pencils in the pencil case.   I have this crazy idea that I’d […]


Drawing 024 – Perspective Test

Last night I was kind of surprised how hard it was to draw the perspective of the room in my drawing that I decided to practice perspective tonight.  I never had much interest in it as a kid.  I would often skim past those chapters in my art books.   I could’ve drawn a cityscape […]


Drawing 025 – 3 Point Cityscape

I decided to keep up with the perspective practice and drew a 3-point perspective city landscape.  I could see how it was fairly quick and easy to get the basic structure started initially but then the urge to create variation in the building heights, widths and depths made the job exponentially more complex.  I didn’t […]


Drawing 026 – Rattlesnake/Heron

Tonight’s drawing is pretty random.  At first, I thought I would just add details to my 3-point perspective drawing from last night but then I got bored pretty quick.  So, I decided to turn to the Random Animal Generator I’d used before on Day 14.  The purpose of this particular random animal generator is to […]