Day 075 / A Confession

Well, Day 75 has rolled around and what should be a milestone for me is more of a big fail.  I have kept up one side of the bargain when it comes to this blog: The creative thing.  When it comes to the smoking I have failed miserably.   It was on Sunday the 25th […]


Day 076 / Oil Derricks And A Streaky Windshield

I bought a couple of new toys for my camera today.  I got a cheap flash as well as a remote control which allows me to do exposures for however long I like.  Tonight I wanted to try my new toys out.   There’s this place called Bastanchury Hill.  It’s the highest point in Fullerton. […]


Day 077 / Collage Song #001

No work today!  I spent my saturday with the family.  Jenny had some relatives who were visiting from Wisconson so we spent most of the day with them at the beach.  That was nice.  It was something that Jenny and I have been needing for a while now.  Plus, June was loving it as well. […]


Day 078 / Making A Fire Pit Pt. 1

Today, Jenny and I started a cool project.  We are creating a concrete fire pit for the backyard.  The instructions which Jenny found on the internets is deceptively simple.  It was a fun project.  The way it works is you make a circle on a large tarp.  Then you build a mound out of wet […]


Day 079 / Light Tracing Pt. 1

I’m actually not super happy with the way these both turned out.  I was able to make the hand sculpture a little better with a bit of contrast adjustment but I think they both could’ve turned out better.  I really liked the idea of tracing the modular but I realize that I need a smaller […]


Day 080 / Office Origami

Well, guess what?  Yep, it’s another all-nighter for me.  I’m working on the last piece I have to get done for Toy Story 3 in this sort of crazy time-frame.  After tomorrow I will be sighing a big sigh of relief because the hardest part of this process will be over for me and I […]


Day 081 / Star-Trail Fail

Today for most of the day there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  So, I thought tonight would be the perfect night to attempt a photo that I’ve been wanting to take since I got my cable release for my camera.   What I wanted to capture was the movement of the stars streaking across […]


Day 082 / Meet The Soundlab

I’m posting this one late because last night I was up past 2 am playing with this guy.  This is my Soundlab.  Before I had the modular I built this.  It’s actually a kit that you can buy and build yourself from this website.   I love my soundlab.  I have a special place in […]


Day 083 / A Good Use For Those Bills

I killed two birds with one stone last night.  I paid the bills and then used the leftovers to make this.  I have no idea how this idea came about but I realized as I opened the bills that there are a variety of interior patterns in those envelopes.  They were quite helpful and I […]


Day 084 / Audio To Animation

I am getting into the tendency of posting these guys later and later.  It is not a healthy tendency.  It’s mainly because I am having some free time for the first time in a long time and I have been spending it with my wife and daughter, mostly.  It’s only until late in the evening […]


Day 085 / Sweet, Sweet Berna

Posting late again.  Sorry about that.  I’ll have to remedy that one tonight.  Jenny and I went with our friends Jeff and Wendy to see Flight of the Conchords play at the hollywood bowl last night.  It was mind-blowingly awesome!  Even though it seems like every seat in the Hollywood bowl is just too far […]


Day 086 / Sand Painting

This was surprisingly really fun.  I thought up the idea as I was driving home from work.  Yes, I worked on Memorial Day.  I was inspired by this video I saw a long time ago of this enviably beautiful and talented Ukranian girl who does a live sand painting performance.  Please watch the video if […]


Day 087 / Writing Excercise: The Innocent Bystander

I haven’t sat down and written something for a very long time.  As I will always consider myself an aspiring filmmaker it’s important for me to keep practicing my writing.   So tonight, Day 087, I decided to do my first writing exercise.   The subject I came up with is completely random and I […]


Day 088 / Hands and Eyes

Nothing too exciting to see here.  I somehow ended up at my office until very late at night again.  This time was pretty random.  My office has recently turned into a green screen rendering factory and I was pulled late by some overdue graphics work.  Add a serious crash to the system and eventually I […]


Day 089 / Too Exhausted To Really Be Creative

Last night I was heading out of the office at a reasonable time and I was even on my way to buy myself a new module for the modular before going home.  Then I received the phone call from the office saying that notes had come in on a couple of my pieces.  So, I […]


Day 090 / New Module!

I finally got a chance to test out the new module tonight.  It’s called the Rotating Clock Divider.  It’s such a simple concept it’s surprising it took so long for the design to come to light.  Basically it does exactly what it says. It takes a clock and divides it.  There are plenty of other […]


Day 091 / Abstract Greeble Scene

Tonight I did my first tutorial in Cinema 4D.  Check it out it’s a great tutorial.  It’s about creating an abstract greeble scene.  What’s a greeble, you ask?  Well, I’ve just learned myself.  I found this:   A greeble or nurnie is a small piece of detailing added to break up the surface of an […]


Day 092 / Old Speaker To New Planter

Posting this one the day after again.  Yesterday was a beautiful day.  Jenny and I took June to the flea market and it was my job to look after June.  It was fun spending the day with her and showing her around to the different vendors.  I fed her lunch on a grass hillside looking […]


Day 093 / Crazy Paper Thingy

Thank you Make blog for providing me with something simple and quick to do for todays creative thing.  As the clock ticks past 2am and I find myself still looking into a group of computer monitors at my office I think maybe I’m not going to be able to come up with something to post […]


Day 094 / RJDJ – Zen Street

I stayed at the office last night again.  I got another day on the piece I’m editing which is actually a relief.  So, I’m getting closer to finishing.  I can see the vacation at the end of the tunnel so I’m just powering through.   When I left the house I happened to have grabbed […]


Day 095 / 3D VU Meter

Last night I did another Cinema 4D tutorial.  I’m really looking forward to digging into this program.  This tutorial covers an object called the Sound Effector which allows you to use an audio file to modulate some parameter within the 3D software.  I could’ve taken this one so much farther than I did but I […]


Day 096 / Chair Stacking

I think the delirium has set in.  Yesterday I finished my major editorial duties on Toy Story 3 and celebrated the end of the all-nighter.  Well, just when I began counting my chickens guess what happened?  Yes, I am here again and the sun is about to rise.  At least this time I have company, […]


Day 097 / Black & White Balloons

I got home from work and could barely keep my eyes open.  So, I knew that I needed to do something that I could finish before completely passing out.  A few days ago, I found this cool tutorial site for Cinema 4D called Greyscale Gorilla.  All the tutorials seem pretty intriguing and stylish.  The balloons […]


Day 098 / Watercolor Experiment

Please move along.  Nothing to see here.  Just kidding.     It’s like each one of my watercolors gets incrementally uglier as I try them.  I’m not going to take it too hard since it was an experiment.  I started this one with the goal of trying out a watercolor technique called wet on wet. […]


Day 099 / Machine Mixing

So, before leaving for work I grabbed my two contact mics.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done a contact mic post.   I knew before coming into the office that for my creative endeavor I wanted to record the sound of all of the decks that we have in the machine room.  The machine room […]