Drawing 053 – The Bay Bridge

Today we drove up to Oakland for our daughter Junie’s 4th birthday.  My sister lives up here and Junie loves her little cousins so we thought we’d bring them together for her birthday festivities.  Once night fell I was allowed to head out to San Francisco to meet up with old friends.  Even though we […]


Drawing 052 – Sea Captain

I had trouble tonight figuring out what I wanted to draw.  I went through a bunch of google searches to find some kind of reference image and I couldn’t get inspired by any of them.  So, I made this drawing without any reference photo and simply started by roughing out a generic body shape.  Then […]


Drawing 051 – Olan Mills

Barely any time today for my drawing.  I’m heading up north this weekend for Junes 4th birthday and so I have to take care of some stuff to be prepared to leave on friday.  So, I am actually posting this at 2am from my office.  I started this drawing at about 1am I would bet […]


Drawing 050 – Drive Angry

This drawing was the result of a disastrous mistake that happened while I was drawing it.  I never meant to draw this picture.  In the end, I kind of like the frenetic look of it.   I started out drawing a character from the film “The Hudsucker Proxy”.  If you remember the film, it was […]


Drawing 049 – Evil Kitty

I was pretty dazed all day today because I spent the night at my office and I didn’t really get too much sleep.  I fell asleep with June tonight when I put her to bed and I was a little worried that I would wake up in the morning without getting my drawing done.  So, […]


Drawing 048 – Baby June

I’m surprised I decided to draw this picture today because it’s a sunday and I’m at work.  I didn’t want to take on anything too challenging since I’m working here late.  Nevertheless, I needed a break from the cutting.  I went into this one thinking I was just going to draw a realistic eye.  So […]


Drawing 047 – Portrait Unfinished

I got a pretty late start on this one tonight and I had to call it before I really wanted to.  I got caught up watching Christopher Waltz on SNL with friends.  It was a really good one.  Anyways, tonight I continued to practice with the old-timey portraits.  This time I tried to exaggerate some […]


Drawing 046 – Edwardian Portrait

Today, on a break, I made a quick trip to the art supply store and I picked up some charcoal pencils.  Tonight I wanted to give them a try.  I haven’t used charcoal for quite a while.  I did take a figure drawing class back in college which taught me how to use charcoal but […]


Drawing 045 – Edwardian Portrait

So I was still thinking about that soft shading style that I found so cool from the Steve Pilcher pencil drawings from a couple days ago but this afternoon I came across another artists who I think is perhaps even more amazing at rendering in black and white.  And not to mention, his style is […]


Drawing 044 – The Hun

I probably spent a bit too much time on this drawing because I had planned on doing a bit of work late this evening.  I have a pretty tight schedule for this rough cut that I am cutting at work.  I will most likely be working at the office very late tomorrow evening because I […]


Drawing 043 – Karate Poses

Today marked the end of what was a very busy stint of shooting over the past couple of weeks.  And now begins the editing process…   Today I was privileged enough to get to fly up to Pixar in Emeryville for a shoot.  It was a pretty hectic day.  Like every trip to Pixar, I […]


Drawing 042 – Steel Worker

Just as Jenny was off to bed we talked about what I should draw.  For some reason I had the urge to draw some 1940’s factory worker.  I figured I could find a good body position like a guy putting all his weight into turning a gasket with a wrench or something.  I google image […]


Drawing 041 – Ballerina

So I totally over-painted this one.  I’m kind of bummed about it too because the actual drawing came together pretty well.  Earlier in the day, I mentioned that I wasn’t sure what I should draw and then June suddenly said, “I know what you should draw.”  “What’s that?” I asked.  “A Ballerina.”  She said it […]


Drawing 040 – Punch

Today was a nice saturday off.  I was looking forward to drawing all day.  Unfortunately, by the time June was in bed and I could finally begin drawing I found myself stuck trying to find a bit of inspiration.  It’s a problem that I’m going to have to figure out soon.  I think I need […]


Drawing 039 – Action Poses

I am quite tired this evening.  I got 2 hours of sleep last night and when I put June to bed tonight it was all too easy to fall asleep.  I had a great shoot today though.  I got to work with Terry Crews who was ridiculously awesome.  I found out that he is actually […]


Drawing 038 – Drawing To Get Done

Tonight, I barely had any time to get a drawing done.  I have a shoot tomorrow early in the morning and a lot of pieces have to come together for everything to go well.  And I’m still working on all those pieces.  In fact after I finish posting this I will move directly onto working […]


Drawing 037 – First Inking

Tonight, I was thinking about how some of the coolest looking characters in comic books are the really bulky and muscular ones.  So, I decided to draw one of those types of characters myself.  And look, he’s struggling to open a jar.  Hilarious.  Anyways, once I had gotten the pencil drawing looking kinda good, I […]


Drawing 035 – Two Hands

I got a busy couple of weeks ahead of me.  Tonight, I am working on something for a job at the office so I had to take a break from that to do this drawing. I decided to keep it simple tonight, since I didn’t have very much time, and practiced drawing hands.  The hand […]


Drawing 034 – Foreshortening Practice

Even though this drawing doesn’t look like much I spent quite a long time working on it.  Lot’s of erasing and redrawing.  I wanted to do a body position that had a lot of foreshortening happening.  I used this great iPhone app called “Pose Tool” in order to create the position and angle.  It’s a […]


Drawing 033 – Asian Elvis

I’m pretty surprised by my drawing this evening.  I never expected this would be the drawing for tonight.  I invited some friends over to watch “Samsara” in my backyard again.  My friends Jeff and Wendy couldn’t make it over the last time I showed the film in the backyard  so tonight I decided to screen […]


Drawing 032 – Tardigrade

Tonight was the art walk in Fullerton so I was out pretty late before starting my drawing.  As I walked home, I suddenly thought about the Tardigrade.  They’re microscopic creatures known for their indestructibility.  Also known as “Water Bears” I am to believe that they’re so impervious to damage that after the planet explodes and […]


Drawing 031 – The Colonel

Danger 5 is one of my favorite shows ever.  I’m surprised it took me this long to decide to draw a frame from it.  This is Colonel Chestbridge.  He’s about to get straight to the biscuits.   If you haven’t ever seen it before I thoroughly recommend you check it out.


Drawing 030 – Carpet Retry

I was on a shoot all day today and there was quite a bit of downtime.  During part of that, I decided to try and work out that carpet pattern that gave me so much trouble a few days ago.  I figured it out by drawing a grid and planning out how the pattern should […]


Drawing 029 – Lion And Tiger

So, this evening I didn’t get home from the work until pretty late.  I got home just in time to catch Jenny and June, whose very sick at the moment, cuddling up under the covers about to fall asleep.  I laid down next to them for a little bit and before I got up I […]