Day 009 / A Dark Day

Today was a dark day.  On one end of the day a baby was born, and on the other, a great man we love was lost suddenly in an accident.   A shocking and sobering day.  Kiss and hug somebody that you know.


Day 008 / ORCTOPUS! Pt. 2

I think this is becoming my favorite project so far.  The reason being, I would have never done something like this if it hadn’t been for this blog concept.  Jenny, my wife, even joined in and made a little clay cactus in a pot.   This time I took the Orctopus and started fresh on […]


Day 007 / 30 Second Exposures of My Town

What a busy Saturday!   I had to work this morning until about 1pm then this evening my wife and I celebrated my old high school drama teachers retirement.   It was very much a reunion for me.    I got to see a lot of friends that I haven’t seen since my high school […]


Day 006 / Creative Concertina Repair

I love figuring out good uses for old unused CD’s.  (Check out my zoetrope for another good use for old CD’s)  This is my concertina.  And actually I usually call it June’s concertina because she’s the one that I most enjoy playing it for.   Her face lights up when she hears it.   Anyways, […]


Day 005 / My First Cold Cathode

So, tonight I finally soldered together one of the many cold cathode tubes that I bought a while ago to use for light painting.  If you’ve never heard of light painting google it right now!  There are some absolutely amazing pictures out there.  I used this tutorial to get me along with the assembly process. […]

Day 004 / Modular Patch #001

Day 003 / This Is Justin

Today I flew up to San Francisco for work.   I spent the whole day shooting at the Walt Disney Family Museum.  It was an epic day and my body is destroyed from it.  Anyways, I used to go to school out here and I decided to meet up with some old college friends.  Enter […]


Day 002 / ORCTOPUS! Pt. 1

Unfortunately, I was only able to give a couple of hours of time to todays creative project.  The inspiration came near the end of the work day when I glanced over at a couple of co-workers who were looking at a picture of a creature on the internet.  It was called Sharktopus!   It’s coming […]


Day 001 / Old Pack Praxinoscope

Well, today marks the first day of this crazy challenge as well as the first day of being a non-smoker.  So, in honor of my quitting day I decided to re-purpose all of the old packs lying on the passenger side floor of my car.  It’s a little makeshift zeotrope using cigarette packs as the […]



Hello there and welcome!  This blog officially begins on March 8th.  You can check the “About” link above for more information on who I am and what I plan to do with this blank canvas. Have a nice day!