Day 093 / Crazy Paper Thingy

Thank you Make blog for providing me with something simple and quick to do for todays creative thing.  As the clock ticks past 2am and I find myself still looking into a group of computer monitors at my office I think maybe I’m not going to be able to come up with something to post today.  It’s another all-nighter for me tonight.  (sigh)  It’s my own fault again because I could’ve come in on Saturday or Sunday.  I’m just looking forward to finishing this whole Toy Story project.  It’s been a long and good run.  It’s been very satisfying for me in a lot of ways but right now as I stare into these computer screens all I can think about is being somewhere else.


My first idea for a post tonight was to draw a picture of how I felt which is pretty hopeless at the moment.  I ended up having some cigarettes today.  While I don’t feel good about it I have to listen to the Lloyd Bridges in my head saying “I guess I picked the wrong week to quit smoking…”  I don’t even know why I tried to quit yesterday knowing what I had in store for me at work today but I did.  It’s proof that I can do it if I put my mind to it as well as have the freedom of time to throw my head into a pillow and shut out the rest of the world until I can finally come out into the sun again.  I need that freedom so today was not the day for it but I do believe that if I can get this last edit delivered to the client then this might be the week for it.  If you follow the blog, you will surely get the honest scoop.  And I apologize to all of those who have been following and had to hear me say over and over again- I’m quitting, I’m postponing quitting, ok now I’m quitting, wait, no I’m not. So, for that, I am really sorry.


Anyways, todays creative thing came from this link on the Make blog.  It’s a cool paper thingy that can transform into many shapes.  Watch the video below to see how you can make one yourself!


All the best, Charlie

YouTube Preview Image