Day 086 / Sand Painting

This was surprisingly really fun.  I thought up the idea as I was driving home from work.  Yes, I worked on Memorial Day.  I was inspired by this video I saw a long time ago of this enviably beautiful and talented Ukranian girl who does a live sand painting performance.  Please watch the video if you’ve never heard of it. While it took me about 20 to 30 minutes per image she rolls through multiple masterpieces in a matter of minutes.


For this I basically placed a picture frame over a lightbox and added sand.  Pretty simple and really a lot of fun.  What I found most interesting is that when you view the creation process through the viewfinder of the camera you can quickly see the potential for an array of different images.  The light peering through the sand really complements more dramatic imagery.  I never really knew what I was going to create.  I just played with the sand until I saw something.  Then I tweaked and refined that image into what I saw in my mind.  It was really a satisfying experience to see these pictures form almost naturally in front of me and for the final product to have this cool nicely rendered quality which is just innately built into the medium.  I could definitely do more of this.