Day 084 / Audio To Animation

I am getting into the tendency of posting these guys later and later.  It is not a healthy tendency.  It’s mainly because I am having some free time for the first time in a long time and I have been spending it with my wife and daughter, mostly.  It’s only until late in the evening that I’ve been deciding what to do.


Last night I decided to take it easy and I just did a little After Effects tutorial.  If you are interested in After Effects there’s this guy named Andrew Kramer who has reached the level of hero to me.  For years, I bought book after book on After Effects and they would only break the surface.  Andrew Kramer and his website of tutorials called Video Co-Pilot completely blew all my prior training out of the water.  He reveals actual industry tricks for creating motion graphics.  I, Myself with 8 or 9 odd years of real world experience, could watch one of his most basic tutorials and still learn something.  Also I believe through his tutorials that absolutely ANYONE can learn to use After Effects.


In this graphic that I did last night the tutorial is called “Audio to Animation”.  Using a plugin called Particular I control the various parameters of the particle system with the Bass and treble of the audio signal.  On this the bass controls the position in z-space and the treble controls the particle size.