Hi there, my names Charlie Visnic.  I am an editor in the motion picture industry and I have been doing it for about 14 years.  I work mostly on publicity materials for feature films.  I still consider myself an aspiring filmmaker but I have many interests that span many mediums.  I also enjoy tinkering in electronics, messing around with sound, and learning about new technologies.


I started this blog back in March of 2010 as a year-long challenge to do one creative thing a day.  It was an enriching experience and a very tough challenge but I made it through and I’m better for it.  You can see the results of that year by going to the “Archive” page and subsequently clicking on the link labelled “365 Days of Creativity”.


In the meantime, I’ve let this place stagnate for over a year now and it’s due time that I get it going again.  Over 2012 I have mostly focused my creative energies on an application I developed many years ago called 64Videofingers.  Oh, and I built a giant earthbag wall on my hillside which was certainly a major physical challenge.




This year I am proposing to attempt something a little simpler than one creative thing a day.  That project grew more into a test of variety while this will be more about honing a technical skill.  My goal is simply to draw or paint every day for a year.  I will post the progress here daily.


Many of my friends have been focusing more on their artistic craft and it has been really inspiring to me.  I feel the urge to create when I see they’re artwork.  They are really great artists and you can check them out on my “Links” page.


A little backstory for you.  When I was 6 years old, I decided I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up and that was an animator.  I had already chosen my particular hero to look up to which was Chuck Jones.  Eventually, when I found editing and filmmaking, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to draw the same thing over and over again especially if it was going to be for somebody else.  I feared that if I were to pursue that line of work I would have gotten stuck being an inbetweener for years on end and never working on characters of my own creation.  I was probably wrong but I don’t regret the life-decision.


Nevertheless, I remember drawing in my sketchbook all the time and it was a very fulfilling experience.  Drawing was my form of entertainment.  Raising a daughter soon to be the age of four I want to help inspire her to look away from the television more often.  Nowadays, with things like On Demand, Apple TV and Facebook, it’s very easy to forget about the simple satisfactions gained by spending some alone-time with a sketchbook or journal.  My time with my sketchbooks has certainly played a role in forming the person I am today.  So, I hope that this project will not only sharpen my skills as an artist and re-invigorate that old satisfaction that I once felt but also inspire my daughter to ask mommy for her markers or paints more often.


Lastly, I mentioned that as a kid my hero was Chuck Jones and because of that I have tried to model my drawing style after him.  As a result, I have always been more of a cartoonist than a real skilled artist.  This year it is my goal to break out of that shell and attempt to draw more realistically.


For those of you who used to visit this blog when I was doing one creative thing a day, I apologize for letting it sit stagnant for so long.  This new endeavor will likely not be as interesting for you as a viewer but probably more beneficial for me as an artist.


Hopefully, being back on the daily-wagon here, as it were, will compel me to post more often the random things and other projects I find interesting.  Hopefully, it can still serve as an inspiration for you in some way.


All the best and thanks for reading!



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